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Tasneem Products


We specialize in flexible plastic conduits(electrical conduits) whether fire resistant or not made from polyethylene. We also specialize in UPVC pipes for fire-resistant electric fittings, as well as fire resistant browse pipes manufactured from PVC and its accessories.

UPVC pipes are characterized by durability, following international and local quality standards and are made of high quality materials to match the maximum operating conditions, available in all sizes.


Tasneem factory specializes in manufacturing all kinds of accessories necessary to protect electric circuit. We manufacture all kinds of junctions such as (Standard Coupling - Bends – Female Adaptor - Expansion Coupler – Conduit Intersection Junction – Spacebar Saddle – Stap Saddles – Reducers – Round Spring Clips)


We specialize in making all kinds of protection boxes for electric circuits with the highest quality up to all local and international standards, and available all over the country.

Bending Springs

We specialize in all three kinds of bending springs.

(Light – Medium – Heavy)

PE Pliable Conduits

PE Pliable Conduits are excellent isolation and complete protection for electrical circuits. We also manufacture PE Flame Retardant Conduits Pliable Conduits as well, and Recycled PE Conduits.

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